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With our Partner and the #1 Instructor and his team on the market, we provide premier driver training to Defense, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Members of the Armed Forces, Special Forces and other Government personnel in one, multi-day or week long blocks in the skills necessary for survival.


The curriculum, instructional methods and measures, and instructors offer best value training and drastically improve survivability in all driving situations.


The in-car instructors have experience training thousands of drivers, many of whom were operators in various military and government services themselves.


We provide the flexibility to meet client requirements and ensure drivers are trained in a manner that will ensure their ability to execute each technique in the most stressful of situations.


Students are instructed in a step by step manner, using fully integrated instructional blocks that permit the student to progress from their level of understanding whether novice or advanced of the essential elements of tactical driving (anti-terrorist evasion, offensive/defensive driving, attack recognition and avoidance, etc.) to full and complete ability to recognize and avoid potential threats and, if necessary, execute the requisite maneuvers that allow them to escape or deter the threat.


The building block progression of learning includes classroom lecture and practical performance instruction so as to best facilitate the training required before deployment for and survival during mission operations. All skills are taught across a range of vehicles. We evaluate and measure classroom (academic) and driving (performance) instruction to ensure knowledge, understanding and performance to standard.


The following range of courses are offered, in addition to customized classes to meet client needs. Supplied are the curriculum, facilities, vehicles and highly qualified instructors to train each student to 100% proficiency in each skill area.




  • Advanced and Defensive Driver Training

  • Anti-Terrorist Driver Training

  • Attack Recognition and Avoidance

  • Vehicle Commandeering

  • Evasive Driving

  • Off-Road Driver Training

  • Unimproved Road Driver Training

  • ...


For further information, please don't hesitade and contact us any time!

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