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Creating, building and educating officers, agents and soldiers as complete combatants and fighters is a primary consideration, essential to achieving considerate and level headed as well as determined and aggressive warriors, capable of fulfilling the demanding and dangerous tasks at hand including protection of dignitaries at all cost.

The needs and missions of a modern military force may vary from daily routine to regular protection missions; from peace keeping and peace enforcing missions to anti-terror fighting; from rescue operations to house and commando raids at the heart of the enemies' territories or in the middle of a densely populated city.


Our way is to upgrade any type of training that creates officers as mere operators of equipment, simple firearms technicians trained to make holes in paper targets, or good boxers and kickers that can get good results in the "ring".

Well equipped military personnel are quite common, but are they well trained?

Modern units and forces need the proper methods and the proper tools to educate soldiers, officers and members of elite units in such a way as to achieve those essential technical, tactical, mental and physical capabilities.


The topics of self-defense, 3rd party protection, hand-to-hand combat and fighting at close quarters (when the firearm cannot or need not be used) serve these needs well.

The Extreme Close Combat Association, with our unique and singular system gives you this high level of education and training.


The Goals

  • Educating the members and officers of any given unit, to the highest level possible – mentally, technically, tactically and physically - to be considerate, determined, effective and efficient fighters

  • Educating high-level, proficient instructors capable of teaching Krav Maga's systematic thinking and efficient ways of operating to different units and task forces within the modern military.

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