A modern law-enforcement agency needs the tools to educate its officers and members of its entire regular and special units in the topics of defensive tactics,

self-defense, hand-to-hand combat and fighting in close quarters when the firearm cannot or must not be used.


Building and educating a fighter as a whole and not just as a technician of weapons (firearm, baton etc.) is essential to achieve a well-rounded officer that in the time of need will turn into a determined and aggressive fighter capable of fulfilling the demanding and dangerous tasks at hand.


An officer that can respond correctly without using excessive force, but with an excellent ability to solve any problem including protecting his fellow officers or civilians when needed.


The Extreme Close Combat Association, with our unique and highly-specialized system, knowledge gained from around the world, and well-trained tactical instructors gives you this high level of education and training.


The Goal

  • Educating members and officers of any given unit to the highest level possible - mentally, technically, tactically and physically, to be determined, effective and efficient fighters (the material and curriculum is divided into several fighter and warrior levels adequate and suitable for the law-enforcement sectors).

  • Educating high level, proficient instructors capable of teaching Krav Maga to different units and task forces with modern law-enforcement orientations.


LEO Instructor Courses Offered

Teaching in Israel and around the world we combine and analyze the information we gather regarding different problems, dangers and risks to officers in different environments.

Now we offer you our knowledge and experience. Most of our courses for different types of units, officer and instructor courses are not shelf products, but adapted to the needs of the units, which participate in them.

Basic and Custom-Made Courses in Defensive Tactics, CQB, Fighting Skills & Hand-to-Hand Combat


We have specifically designed courses in these subjects for all sectors of the police, law-enforcement and security agencies, forces, units and personnel, including ongoing and in-service programs. We emphasize education and training that builds an integrated fighter/officer who is able to function correctly under stressful conditions with determination, assertiveness (at the desired level), with good self-control, using the most effective techniques and tactics.


For more Details/Info about exact Location and Date please feel free and contact us any time at extremeclosecombat@gmail.com