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What is Krav Maga?

Self-Defense for real life! Krav-Maga originated in Israel under battlefield conditions and adapted very efficiently to real life on the streets! It is based on natural reactions to events so it is easy to learn and easy to remember! We have trained people in Krav Maga all over the world thus expanding and continuing its founder's (Imi Lichtenfeld) philosophy that nobody should have to live in fear. Instead, individuals are encouraged to learn and train

in the way of Krav Maga  "so that one may walk in peace!" (Imi Lichtenfeld)


How much are classes? How long are classes?

These answers vary per affiliate club.


How long will it take to become proficient? 

(How long will it take me to get to the next level?)

In the beginning of your training you learn the basics, which build the foundation for everything else. The first level takes 3-6 months. Each level after that is about 5-6 months, depending on your level of mastery. The goal of Krav-Maga is not becoming a Master, the goal is learning to save your life. You will most likely leave the first class with something that could save your life!


I have years of martial arts experience. Can I join the advanced class?

Everyone starts at the beginning. Due to the unique nature of Krav Maga, techniques that you have known for years may be slightly different. Even a punch is very specific to Krav Maga. Starting at the beginning will build that strong foundation that will enable you to advance through the system knowing that you are learning and absorbing what is being taught.


Do you use a belt system?

No, we don’t use a belt system in our first 5 Krav Maga lvl’s. At every test, upon passing, you will receive a diploma. There are 5 levels in our ECCA System and then 3 Grades of black belts.


Do we wear a GI?

No, we don’t wear a GI. 


Am I too old?

Our Krav Maga is for people 16-99! You are never too old to learn to defend yourself.


I have old injuries. Is it safe?

Modify what you do. Listen to your body. If it hurts to do something (and not just a 'hey my muscles haven't done that in awhile' kind of hurt) then alter what you're doing. We want to teach you how to defend yourself, but not at the expense of injury. And, of course as with all vigorous activity, you should check with your medical provider before beginning.


I have a gun. Why do I need Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is not a replacement for a firearm; it is a supplement. What if you can't draw? The attack is too close? Your gun gets jammed? Someone takes it away? With Krav Maga you become the weapon. Don't limit yourself and your chances of survival by relying solely on a gun.


I'm deaf/blind.

With impairments such as these, it is very important that you learn how to protect yourself. A lot of the techniques come from feeling the attack. Chokes, bear hugs, some knife/gun threats...all of these and more are eventually trained with your eyes closed so that you have to feel the attack. Your body becomes increasingly aware of what is touching it and what's happening to it.


I'm too skinny.

All the more reason to learn how to defend yourself! If you are a little person, you are a big target. Attackers are more likely to choose someone they are certain they can overpower. Show them that you are not as helpless as they may think!



Frequently Asked Questions

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