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What is the Extreme Close Combat Association Affiliate Program?

A Extreme Close Combat Association affiliate gains the reputation of providing genuine ECCA instruction through their association. ECCA Affiliates join a network of high quality schools across the world and gain business support through that network. 


Why become an Extreme Close Combat Association Affiliate?

  • ECCA affiliates grow in credibility through their relationship with globally recognized Extreme Close Combat Association.

  • ECCA affiliates get support and knowledge directly from Israel and authentic training in Israeli Krav Maga. They gain business support including marketing and consulting.

  • ECCA affiliates have the option to use our logo.

  • ECCA affiliates also gain access to training in Israel and their instructors get free attendance to ECCA Instructor Camps for continuing education.

  • ECCA affiliates get territorial exclusivity and can earn a percentage from hosted seminars in their area. 

  • ECCA affiliates have accsess to seminars and courses hosted by the best Instructors in the World (IDF Instructors, Wingate Civilian and Military Instructors, Israeli Special Forces, Israeli Secret Service, S.W.A.T., Special Operation Members and more).


What are the requirements to become an Affiliate?

ECCA affiliates must be approved by ECCA headquarters. All instructors at each ECCA location must hold a current ECCA instructor certification. A one-time application fee, host at least 1 certification course per year and contract applies.


What is the difference between ECCA and other Krav Maga Organizations?

No monthly or annual fees like other organizations. ECCA will make sure that all affiliates get the best training availible and taught by the best instructors. ECCA offers various courses such as Krav Maga for civilians, LEO's, military, women only courses, tactical shooting, tactical driving, counter terror, knife fighting, stick figthing, cane fighting and more. 






Affiliate Program

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